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Head in the cloud feet on the ground (G.O.A.R S00.E03)

Geeks on a role – Episode 3

The third “Geeks on a role” episode introduces the Visual WebGui cloud current offering and directions.


From the set of Geeks on a role

Hi everyone,

We have just finished shooting episode 3. 
The episode will be available early next week after some editing is done.

Stay tuned for more information and feel free to write us to:


Create a lean mean Visual WebGui application (G.O.A.R S00.E02)

Geeks on a role – Episode 2
On the second episode we are introducing some of the buggers on the Visual WebGui team as well as discussing the latest release of Visual WebGui (version 6.3.7a).

We are also showing some best practices to creating an efficient “lean mean” Visual WebGui application.


Some topics for the next episode

The first show is behind us and here we are already planning the next episode. These are some of the topics that we are going to talk about in Episode 2 which airs this Monday:

  1. What has changed in version 6.3.7A that was released last week
  2. Meet the buggers
  3. Best practices for a lean mean VWG application 
  4. You had to ask “Do you have a memory leak problem”

We would love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions that you might have.
You can comment to this post or email us to geeksonarole@visualwebgui.com


Theme deisgner inside out (G.O.A.R S00.E01)

Geeks on a role – Episode 1
The first episode discusses the upcoming 6.4 version and the current 6.3 version of the Visual WebGui Platform while providing an overview about the birth of Visual WebGui. The show also gives the stage for community members to ask questions which are answered on the show.

Download the movie here.