Theme deisgner inside out (G.O.A.R S00.E01)

Geeks on a role – Episode 1
The first episode discusses the upcoming 6.4 version and the current 6.3 version of the Visual WebGui Platform while providing an overview about the birth of Visual WebGui. The show also gives the stage for community members to ask questions which are answered on the show.

Download the movie here.

3 responses to “Theme deisgner inside out (G.O.A.R S00.E01)

  1. Enjoyed the show. Looking forward to the next one. Any chance of increasing the resolution so the screencast sections are a bit clearer?

    Question for the next show:
    Is there any chance of the VWG API being extended so app developers can get access to control and diagnostics of other VWG sessions? It would be handy to be able to have Admin type users see what other users currently have sessions runnning, send them messages and potentially end sessions.

    • We are planning to release the next one with higher resolution – hopefully HD.

    • Thanks. We will fix the screencast for the next show, that was definitely a beginners issue. We captured in high resolution and in wide screen which makes even a more challenge to read.

      Regarding your question we do have plans to what we call communication server which will be an extension to the Visual WebGui server and will provide messaging support between applications.

      You can implement it today using the application idle event to get “messages” for the current session and add status messages to indicate what the session is up to.

      I will try to see if I can give a short overview on such a solution in the Q&A part of one of the next shows.


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